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The Innovation Of Mehendi Designs Over The Years

Ladies love Mehendi and Mehendi designs. The pleasant aroma and enchanting colour of the Mehendi is the thing that makes it highly lovable by the girls and women. Before every even, girls start a preparation plan for that event. They start thinking of their look from hairstyle to sandal. Mehendi is a must on every occasion as it symbolizes happiness and pleasure. Ladies even share their ideas with others and take much of their time to select the mehndi designs which perfectly suit them.

Mehendi application is not a new thing. It is the tradition that is followed very happily from hundreds of years ago. As time passes, there come new trends in the Mehendi designs. Following are the innovations of the Mehendi designs that are using from the start till today:

Tikki mehndi designs by hand:

In the very beginning, ladies apply mehndi by bare hands. They make a mixture of dry Mehendi powder with water to form a thick paste. Then apply it on the hands. The most common Mehendi design of that time was the Tikki design. In this beautiful Mehendi design, the Mehendi is applied in the palm of the hand in round shape and the endpoints of the fingers are filled with Mehendi. After proper drying and washing the Mehendi, oil is applied that makes sure the darkening of the Mehendi colour.

Tikki mehndi designs by hand Tikki mehndi designs by hand

Mini wooden block Mehendi prints:

The mini wooden blocks were used in the beginning years, as well for the quick Mehendi designs prints. These are cut in different shapes like some have a floral design, some have the leaflet design and some are elongated in shape for the Mehendi designs of the fingers. It is really quick and simple to have Mehendi designs on hands with these mini wooden blocks. You just need to dip these in ink and press gently on the skin. It just takes a few seconds to dry.

Mini wooden block Mehendi prints

Sticker and glitter mehndi designs:

With the passage of time, for the sake of convenience, sticker Mehendi is introduced. It saves time and provides good results. If you have to go to an event urgently, you can use sticker Mehendi designs. When you apply mehndi, its colour fades slowly which can take a week. Some girls like the bright and strong henna colour, after the fading it does not look much impressive. To prevent this situation, sticker mehndi is a god solution. Along with the sticker Mehendi, sticker Mehendi with colourful glitters is also introduced. These colourful glitters provide a shiny look and add beautiful colours to the mehndi colour.

Sticker and glitter mehndi designs Sticker and glitter mehndi designs

White Mehendi designs:

White Mehendi is another innovation that is done in the Mehendi. The usual colour of the Mehendi is brown to red that is quite appealing and mesmerizing. White Mehendi is a new shade that is introduced. It gets popularity too for some time. The intricate and fine design provides the real essence of this white Mehendi.

White Mehendi designs White Mehendi designs

Doodle Mehendi designs:

Doodle is an amazing art to provide meaning to anything with innovative drawings. In the recent trends, people are now making portraits, cartoons and many things on the Mehendi just to make it unique and impressive. You can write anything in the Mehendi and make it a prominent part of the Mehendi.

Doodle Mehendi designs Doodle Mehendi designs

The mingling of Mehendi designs and traditions:

Although there have been lots of Mehendi innovations the traditional Mehendi designs like the Arabic Mehendi designs, Tikki Mehendi designs, peacock Mehendi designs cannot be forgotten. All the innovations that have evolved just remain for a short period of time.

The mingling of Mehendi designs and traditions The mingling of Mehendi designs and traditions




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